High-Speed Train Noise

Standard railway noise prediction models are not suitable for high-speed (> 300 km/h) trains, since new, wind-generated sound sources arise due to the high speed. In South Korea, trains (HEMU) for an operational speed of more than 400 km/h are currently being built.

Sound View Instruments together with KRRI (financed by Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport, Korea) carried out microphone array measurements of noise radiation from the by-passing HEMU train at speeds over 400 km/h. The most important noise sources are located in the bogie region and around equipment (e.g. the pantograph) mounted on the roof. Thanks to knowledge gained from microphone array measurements, new noise prediction tools for high-sped trains have been developed in South Korea.

High-Speed Train Noise

The next generation Korean high-speed train, HEMU-430X, with a maximum speed of 430 km/h.

Microphone array

Microphone array built trackside to measure noise generation from the HEMU.

Sound map of noise radiation

Sound map of noise radiation from the HEMU resulting from the microphone array measurement.